Cooking Classes

When not writing, you can find me in the kitchen. I teach cooking classes in the Bay Area with a focus on vegetables and Latin American cooking through a California lens. I’m so smitten with veggies that my first cookbook featured vegetarian cooking with tea. As a Mexican-Bolivian-Dutch American with a masters degree in Intercultural Studies, cooking is gateway to see how the world connects cross-culturally.

Curious home cooks! If you’re trying to eat more vegetables or a vegetarian who feels like you’re in a cooking rut, check out my eat more meatless classes (& the companion kitchen journal). Looking to spice things up? Join me for one of my Latin American, TexMex, and Mexican cooking classes. I teach regularly at 18 Reasons in San Francisco. I have taught a variety of private classes, team-building experiences and demos virtually, so if that piques your interest, email me at hello at citronpressecreative dot com.