Everyone needs a cheerleader.

If you’re a small good food business owner, then you know the hours are long and the journey is longer still. Maybe you are still in the process of getting funding for your big vision to bring your passion to prospective customers and looking to build your team with a digital media strategist. You might be searching for the right copywriter to give your brand voice and personality. Maybe, you’re looking for a photographer who can help create imagery for social sharing. Or, perhaps you’ve got a new product launch and are looking to get the word out about your brand to online influencers. Welcome to Citron Presse Creative where we stir up effervescent marketing strategy and fresh content. How can we help you achieve your goals?

I’m eager to cheer on your initiatives. Say hello at citronpressecreative dot com.

Marketing Strategy

With over 14 years working in food marketing, I have a proven track record of helping brands grow and connect with customers, building overall market share. Whether that is through online cross-promotions with like-minded food companies, executing campaigns with key retailers, connecting with prospective consumers online using the platform of social media and digital marketing, working and managing key in-person events, or a website build-out, I champion good food companies, causes, and clients. Marketing done well brings your message and product to the right people.  In this day of digital marketing, when everyone else is pointing to the importance of social media, you’ll find me pointing to the whole picture, questioning how each component ties in and supports the others. As the digital media section chair for the International Association of Culinary Professionals and former digital media section newsletter editor, you need an expert on your team with seasoned marketing strategy as well as knowledge of the platforms. Let me be your online brand strategist to help your company create a brand story that will excite your customers and fans.

Recipes & Cookery

As a published cookbook author and food writer, I have developed original and creative recipes letting my obsession for ingredients propel me into discovering new ways to use them. Let me design recipes tailored to stretch your food company ingredients in new directions, using my background expertise in organic search to expand your reach online.

Crafting Memorable Content & Story-telling

At a young age, I concocted my first story about a pen named Percy who could talk. My love of narrative catapulted me into graduating with a BA in journalism from SMU and a summer internship at “The New York Times.” From there, I graduated with an MFA in poetry from New England College, studying with some of the brightest poets of our generation. All of this wordplay makes me a skilled weaver of words who has been published in multiple formats, excels at creating savvy editorial calendars, has cherry-picked and edited 11 writers as part of a brand ambassador influencer program I created focused on content marketing. I’ve fine-tuned the brand voice for product packaging, website copywriting, blog writing and editorial direction. Let me tell your story or connect you with storytellers who reflect your core demographic.

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